Kathleen Lights Divorce: The Truth Behind Her and Danny Fuentes Solid Marriage!

How about I fill you in? American-born Kathleen Fuentes was born on January 27, 1992, in the state of Florida. With her charming videos and intriguing collaborations with well-known cosmetic brands like ColourPop Cosmetics, Makeup Geek, Ofra Cosmetics, and Morphe Brushes, this YouTube beauty guru became an overnight sensation.

On YouTube, she is making her mark and has become a force to be reckoned with. Kathleen maintains interest with her viewers by reviewing drugstore beauty companies and putting their claims to the test in promotional films. She has a dedicated fan base that appreciates the honesty and depth of her evaluations.

YouTube beauty guru Kathleen Lights is married to fellow YouTuber and supportive partner Danny Fuentes. Both on and off camera, the couple’s deep friendship and love for one another are evident. Since Kathleen began her YouTube channel in 2013, her fans have seen her relationship with Danny blossom and mature.

Even though not much is known about Danny, he plays a significant role in Kathleen’s life. Kathleen’s film, titled “The Husband Tag,” about her relationship with Danny quickly went viral, with millions of people watching it.

The release of her video “Get Ready With Me! Date Night Makeup ft. Naked Basics Palette” was a watershed moment in her career, drawing in a large audience and paving the way for her eventual fame and fortune. Here is more information about Kathleen Lights.

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Kathleen Lights Divorce

Kathleen Lights and Danny Fuentes are still very much in love with one another, despite what you may have heard. Kathleen and Danny were long-time friends before they got married in 2010. Their romance has weathered many storms since Danny’s military service has required him to relocate frequently. But they have settled in Miami for the time being.

It should be made clear that Kathleen and Danny are still together despite rumours to the contrary. They haven’t even tried to divorce yet, let alone separate. Notably, the couple does not yet have any offspring. Kathleen and Danny’s marriage has persevered through rumours and speculation about its state.

Kathleen Lights Divorce

Through the ups and downs of life, they continue to support and cherish one another. When talking about private topics, it’s important to have reliable information, and in this instance, Kathleen and Danny are happily married and dedicated to their partnership.

Kathleen frequently posts photos of her and her husband’s life together, which often include shots of their three dogs, Selene, Porter, and Cornelius. Here is an Instagram post which is shared by kathleenlights:


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Are Kathleen Lights and Danny Still Together?

Let’s find out if Kathleen Lights is actually married or not. Kathleen married her sweetheart on November 22, 2010, when she was just 18 years old. Happiness abounds in the marriage of Kathleen Light and Daniel Fuentes. They began a journey together, and it appears that their love and friendship have flourished.

Kathleen and Daniel’s love for one another has endured. In 2020, their relationship has not only held together but thrived. Although they married secretly, their love and commitment to each other are obvious.

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