Ken Jeong Wife: The Inspiring Love Story of Ken and His Partner!

American stand-up comic Kendrick Kang-Joh Jeong also works as an actor, producer, writer, and former doctor. He became well-known for his roles as Leslie Chow in the 2009–2013 Hangover film series and Ben Chang in the 2009–2015 NBC Fsitcom Community.

He starred as the titular character in the ABC sitcom Dr. Ken, which he created, wrote, and produced from 2015 to 2017. He has also made appearances in the movies Knocked Up (2007), Role Models (2008), Furry Vengeance (2010), The Duff (2015), Ride Along 2 (2016), Crazy Rich Asians (2018), Scoob! (2020), and Tom & Jerry (2021).

Jeong holds a medical license in California, however, he has subsequently given up practicing medicine in favor of an acting career. He participated in the first season of both the British.

American versions of the singing competition program The Masked Singer as a panelist.  He is I Can See Your Voice’s host as well. Here are details about Ken Jeong’s Wife.

Ken Jeong Wife

Fans of celebrities in a variety of industries, including the film business, sports, modeling, etc., are numerous. Fans of Ken Jeong are also looking for Ken Jeong’s wife right now.

Ken Jeong Wife

As a result, searches for Ken Jeong’s wife and her name were visible. For those fans who are interested in learning more about his height, age, and other details, this article will be useful.

Ken Jeong is well renowned for his professional accomplishments. Ken Jeong’s fans are really curious to find out who his wife is or whether he is dαting anyone. According to our most recent information, Tran Jeong is Ken Jeong’s wife. Here is an Instagram post of  his wife:


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Ken’s family expanded as his acting and comedic careers flourished. Zooey and Alexa, his wife, and their twin girls, were welcomed. The actor loves his wife and never misses a chance to praise her.

He made the decision to pursue something other than his acting responsibilities for Mother’s Day in 2011. He wrote a touching letter from himself and their girls, and as a result, he started contributing to HuffPost.

In 2007, not long after the birth of their twins, Tran abruptly discovered a lump while nursing, thus he was happy to have her. When they both worked for Kaiser Permanente in West California, Tran Ho, and Ken Jeong got to know one another.

Here, you can also look up the other celebrity’s spouse:

2002 marked the beginning of their relationship. In addition to performing, Ken is a licensed doctor who decided to forgo his medical career after becoming well-known in the industry. Prior to becoming engaged, Ken Jeong and Tran Ho dαted for two years.

In 2007, Ken’s wife gave birth to stunning twin daughters named Zooey and Alexa, and he transitioned from being a part-time actor to a full-time performer. But for the family, things quickly altered in 2008.

When Tran Jeong unintentionally felt a lump in her left breast, she initially paid it little mind. In addition, her family had no history of breast cαncer.

She acknowledged that receiving treatment had improved her as a doctor and made her more modest. She gained a greater understanding of herself and her patients through this role-reversal. She had to take a medical board exam, which is crucial for doctors while undergoing chemotherapy.

Ken, her husband, remembers how composed and in control she was that day and how she ultimately aced the exam. Moreover, he praised his wife as a hero. Tran was still a new mother when she received her cαncer diagnosis, and it was difficult for her to battle the illness while also caring for her daughters.

Positive ideas would occasionally intrude and shake her confidence. She knew she already had a wonderful life and family, so she felt certain that she would survive.

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