How Did Leo Longevity Die? YouTuber Discovered Dead With A Black Eye

Leo Rex, an American YouTuber who was known for making videos about men’s health, was found dead on January 30, 2023, in a Pattaya apartment in Thailand. Leo, who has around 124K followers on YouTube, has shared unorthodox content on his channel that aims to improve viewers’ physical and emotional health, with a particular focus on men. His videos, which he posted on his channel, were mostly inclined towards the male community.


How Did The Death Of Leo Longevity Occured?

Leo Rex, the man behind the popular Leo & Longevity YouTube channel, was discovered dead on January 30th, 2023. The YouTuber was discovered by authorities bleeding from the mouth and nose and with a black eye, they said.

The Pattaya Police said that the Institute of Forensic Medicine would conduct an autopsy on Leo Rex’s body to determine the cause of death. The cause of death had not yet been determined. The authorities said that he had been dead for around five hours and that there was blood on his mouth and nose when he was found.

Before his body was found, it is said that many people tried to reach him, but he didn’t answer any of them, and no one had heard from him. Ideally, more research will shed some light on the situation.

What Happened To Leo Rex
What Happened To Leo Rex

What Happened To Leo Rex?

Pattaya police found Leo Rex, aka Laith Abdallah Algaz, at his burglarized apartment on Monday. The health vlogger posted videos under the name “Leo and Longevity” on YouTube. The authorities claim he was lying face down with blood gushing from his nose and lips and bruises visible around his left eye. You can also check out other celebrity’s death details Bam Margera Death.

Police have been looking through a property to find out more about something that happened recently. Also, an autopsy is being performed on the body. The story will be updated as necessary to reflect new information.

Drugs including antidepressants, steroids, antibiotics, a prescription drug for bipolar disorder, anxiety drugs, sleeping pills, and antidepressants were found in conjunction with marijuana, according to reports. Leo was crashing at a fellow YouTube star’s house.

Who Actually Was Leo Rex?

Those who watch Leo Rex’s videos could pick up useful information regarding diet d**gs, bodybuilding techniques, and other types of physical activity. Yet, the video in which he discussed cultivating pe*is was by far the most watched of his whole collection. You can see the official tweet below by The Pattaya News Thailand in which Leo Rex was found dead in his Pattaya home.

He detailed the process of how he used weights and a pumping machine to naturally add inches to his frame. He was the whole deal for health club goers and exercise addicts, including advice on medical and fitness. You may read the similar information we have covered on our website Mark Capps Death.

Algaz’s personal monologues were frequently featured in the videos on the Leo And Longevity channel, despite the fact that the late fitness fanatic routinely appeared in podcast-style videos with similar lifestyle channels. Four of the channel’s videos with over 100,000 views dealt with the taboo subject of pe*is augmentation, a procedure that is strongly condemned by medical groups.

In conclusion, the topic of Leo Longevity Death has been discussed. The famous YouTube personality was found dead by the authorities in his home in an inappropriate state. The actual cause of death is yet to be determined. Though his sudden death has shocked his fans and supporters. Visit if you want to read more articles like this one.

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