Who is Martin Truex Jr Wife? Introducing His New Love Interest in 2023!

Martin Truex Jr., a NASCAR driver, was born in the United States. Born on June 29, 1980, in Mayetta, New Jersey, Martin Lee Truex Jr. For Michael Waltrip Racing in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, he spent numerous seasons behind the wheel of the no. 56 Toyota Camry. He drives the Bass Pro Shops-sponsored Toyota Camry (#19) for Joe Gibbs Racing this season.

Young Martin Truex Jr. began his career in the fishing sector aboard a clam boat owned by his father’s company, SeaWatch International. Martin Truex Jr. d@tes who? Many NASCAR followers have undoubtedly had the same thought. Martin Truex Jr. is a well-known NASCAR driver for good reason. When he’s not with his girlfriend, though, he’s at the racetrack.

As of my most recent report in September of 2021, he still has not revealed the identity of his current girlfriend. It’s important to remember, though, that people and circumstances evolve throughout time. Current events and official sources are your best bets for learning about Martin Truex Jr.’s personal life.


Who is Martin Truex Jr Wife?

In January of 2023, NASCAR racer Martin Truex Jr. and his girlfriend of nearly 20 years, Sherry Pollex, ended their relationship. Martin Truex Jr. is not d@ting anyone at the moment. There are no rumors circulating about his new girlfriend.

Sherry Pollex dated Martin Truex Jr. for nearly two decades. She is well-known in the advocacy world, and not just because she is Martin’s ex-wife. She began her advocacy efforts in 2014, after being diagnosed with Stage III ovarian c@ncer, and has since helped many other women and children going through the same thing.

Sherry Pollex and Truex Jr. have been together since 2005. They look so much like married people that you’d never know they weren’t married. Pollex was diagnosed with advanced ovarian c@ncer in 2014. She overcame the odds and is now leading an advocacy group for kids and women with ovarian c@ncer.

As can be seen in the status update that Sherry posted on Facebook below, she and Martin have ended their relationship:

Who is Sherry Pollex?

Sherry Pollex is an entrepreneur and activist who has raised awareness about ovarian and children’s diseases. After being diagnosed with ovarian c@ncer in 2014, Pollex underwent a total hysterectomy, debulking surgery, and 17 months of chemotherapy.

She started SherryStrong.org to advocate for holistic and integrative c@ncer therapies after her own experience with ovarian c@ncer inspired her to do so.

Martin Truex Jr Wife

She and her long-term partner, NASCAR driver Martin Truex Jr., have collaborated through Truex Jr.’s charity to benefit children’s and adolescents’ c@ncer research. They were honored with the 2017 Myers Brothers Award for their dedication to charity. Martin Truex Jr. just said that he and Pollex will be splitting up in January 2023, but he promises that they will remain friends.

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What Happened Between Martin and Sherry Pollex?

There was a meeting between Sherry Pollex and Martin Truex Jr. in 2005, but the details of that meeting have never been made public. Despite this, they have remained a couple, and they have gained notoriety for their efforts to bring attention to the issues of ovarian c@ncer and pediatric c@ncer.

They host a major event known as Catwalk for a Cause. This event is a fundraiser for the fight against c@ncer in children. After years of attending NASCAR events together, Sherry and her long-term partner recently announced their separation.

“To my fans and partners… Sherry and I have made the decision to end our relationship,” Martin announced in a social media story in January 2023, “I will continue supporting Sherry moving forward. I would ask that you respect our privacy as there will be no further comment about this matter.”

You may find out all Martin had to say about the breakup of his relationship by reading the following:

Neither has offered an explanation for the split, but they have both admitted that it happened. After 18 years of marriage, the couple decided against having children.

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