Muff Waders Made A Huge Net Worth After Appearing In Shark Tank

Many entrepreneurs and business owners have found financial success by appearing on Shark Tank, a popular reality show. Muff Waders is one such company that found fame after being featured on an episode of Shark Tank. Muff Waders have earned a huge net worth after appearing on the show.  Though the “sharks” were enthusiastic about the company’s pitch, they ultimately decided not to invest.

Muff Waders are the bibs that can be used at both work and play. The primary feature is the 6-pack insulated cooler positioned on the chest that stores 12-ounce cans and beverages. In order to drink without using your hands, you can use the Muff Mug (Magnetic ZipSip) and the metal bottle opener placed towards the top of the bibs.


Muff Waders Net Worth

Both Taylor “Earl” Nees and Garret “Buddy” Lamp are lifelong friends and both are from the town of Holstein, Iowa. Their shared upbringing in a tiny town and their similar aspirations brought them together. While we know that Buddy attended Iowa State University for his advertising degree, we have far less information about Earl’s academic background.

While attending college, Buddy had a number of odd jobs. After working as a video producer at Drone DirectorE, he took a job as the equipment manager for his school’s football team.

During a trip to the club while watching the game, Taylor had the inspiration for his business. He wished he had kept on his work overalls so he could drink more beer once he finished his shift. The next day, Taylor got up early to sketch out his plan to make his dream come true.

Muff Waders Net Worth
Muff Waders Net Worth

Then, he came up with an overall design that included pockets specifically for storing various beverage containers. Its primary selling points were its six-pack cooler on the chest, bottle opener, and mug. If you wish to look at other person’s net worth who appeared on Shark Tank, then have a look at Blueland Net Worth.

Buddy only worked part-time on the business because he just had a baby and needed a steady income. They started Muff Waders in 2018 with $75,000 from their joint savings. Despite an unsuccessful Kickstarter effort, they were able to earn $54,000 before appearing on Shark Tank. Muff Waders is expected to have a net worth of $500,000 by the year 2023.

Muff Waders Appearance In Shark Tank

The Chinese factory that Garret Lamp and Taylor Nees had been working with in 2021 closed its doors, causing manufacturing difficulties for the company. The startup’s founders needed funding, so they went on season 12 of “Shark Tank” and asked for $25,000 in exchange for 25% of the company.

Muff Waders Appearance In Shark Tank
Muff Waders Appearance In Shark Tank

The Sharks were clearly amused by the two men’s presentation, which was full of self-assurance and charm. During the presentation, they also unveiled a working model of their second product, the Muff Spenders.

The Sharks were impressed by their personalities but ultimately decided not to invest in the company. The company’s modest valuation, patent portfolio, and robust profit margins made this unexpected. Perhaps the Sharks were reluctant to endorse the product publicly. You can see the tweet below in which a person can be seen wearing a muff wader.

What Happened To Muff Waders After Appearing In Shark Tank?

After appearing on the show, Earl and Buddy were able to raise over $10,000 for their second Kickstarter campaign, despite not getting a deal. The residents of Holstein got together to see the episode when it first aired.

Stevia Nutra Corp purchased the company in 2021 for a price that was not disclosed. Stevia Nutra has not disclosed any financial information since late 2020, despite the fact that it is publicly traded. Before they were bought, Muff Waders had made about $250,000 in sales. You may also check the recent information we have covered on our website Eco Flowers Net Worth.

You can purchase a pair of Muff Waders on Amazon, or directly from Both their website and Amazon now charge $90 for the original Muff Wader.

There aren’t a lot of reviews for the products on the web, but those that are there are almost unanimously positive. The business has survived until the present day, and it is now valued at $500,000 USD. Taylor is an Electrician at Holstein Electric Ltd., whereas Garret is a Content Curator at Hy-Vee, Inc. You can check the official tweet by Muff Waders below in which the founders can be seen wearing the bibs.

Thus, it is evident that we have covered the topic of Muff Waders Net Worth. The owners of the company have earned an enormous amount of wealth throughout their professional life.  You may get additional information at if you’re interested.

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