Why Did RFK Wife Separate From Him? Shocking Announcement of Divorce!

Hines started dating Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a Kennedy, in December 2011. Their April 2014 engagement announcement was followed by an August 2 wedding. In April of 2023, Robert Kennedy Jr. made public his intention to run for president as a Democrat in 2024.

The shocking news that RFK’s wife is going to divorce him came as a complete surprise. The stunning announcement that the couple was divorcing had everyone asking why. Why did they decide to part ways? Learn the facts about what led to this unanticipated choice while the rest of the world waits for answers.

Why Does RFK Wife Separated With Him?

Cheryl was born in Miami Beach, Florida, on September 21, 1965, and she is an actor. After beginning her education at West Virginia University, she transferred to Florida State University and ultimately earned her degree at UCF. Cheryl has been in a number of films and television shows, but her breakout role came on the smash hit comedy series Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO.

She also played Dot Karlson on The Flight Attendant (2022), starring alongside Kaley Cuoco, and in the ABC sitcom Suburgatory. At the Kennedy estate in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, Robert and Chery tied the knot in August 2014. To keep his wife out of the spotlight about his political views, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. proposed to announce that he and Cheryl Hines had separated.

In her first interview with the New York Times since Kennedy announced his candidacy for the 2024 presidential run. Hines reaffirms her support for her husband’s political ambitions and acknowledges her expanding role in the campaign, writing that her public persona “feels different, because it feels like every word is important” and that “people are listening in a different way.”

According to Hines, Kennedy’s proposal for the separation announcement was prompted by the former president’s comparison of the Holocaust to CDC director Anthony Fauci’s efforts to vaccinate Americans against chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

A Twitter statement from Hines read: “My husband’s opinions are not a reflection of my own. While we love each other, we differ on many current issues… The atrocities that millions endured during the Holocaust should never be compared to anyone or anything. His opinions are not a reflection of my own.” Kennedy expressed regret for his comments later.

The impact of Kennedy’s comments on his wife was disclosed in an interview with The New York Times, when he said, “I saw how it was affecting her life and I said to her, ‘We should just announce that we are separated,’ so that you can have some distance from me… We wouldn’t really be doing anything, we would just — I felt so desperate about protecting her at a time when my statements and my decisions were impacting her.”

RFK Wife

Kennedy admitted he was the one who penned the press statement, something Hines had never even considered.

This new biography of Kennedy appears in the wake of a slew of contentious comments he’s made recently, such as his opposition to 5G technology and surveillance and his claim that “S.S.R.I.s and benzos and other drugs” are to blame for the persistent gun violence and school shootings in the United States. In addition to the above assertions, Kennedy has long made his opposition to vaccines known.

For anyone who disagrees with Kennedy’s stance on childhood vaccinations, he started the World Mercury Project in 2016.

“I see both sides of the vaccine situation,” Hines states in his updated profile. “There’s one side that feels scared if they don’t get the vaccine, and there’s the side that feels scared if they do get the vaccine because they’re not sure if the vaccine is safe. And I understand that.”

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“So if Bobby is standing up and saying, ‘Well, are we sure that they’re safe and every vaccine has been tested properly?’ That doesn’t seem too much to ask,” Hines continues. “That seems like the right question to be asking.”

Hines says only that she supports the right of individuals to  “make decisions about our body with a doctor, not with a politician”, but she does not specify whether or not her view on vaccines coincides with that of her husband. Hines restates his earlier sentiments, saying, “I support Bobby and want to be there, and I want him to feel loved and supported by me.”

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