Simone Biles Wedding Images Revealed: An Olympic Medalist’s Grand Wedding in Cabo!

Check out the beautiful wedding pictures of Simone Biles, a well-known Olympic winner, that were taken in the beautiful Cabo. See the beauty and style of this happy event through exclusive photos that capture the spirit of love, commitment, and partying.

Inside Simone Biles Wedding With Jonathan Owens

Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens tied the knot. On Saturday, April 22, Biles and Owens celebrated their first day as husband and wife by posting images of their wedding, captured by Rachel Taylor of Raetay Photography, to their Instagram accounts alongside heartfelt messages.

Biles captioned a carousel of herself and Owens in wedding attire with, “I do officially Owens.” Owens is wearing a tan suit. The newlyweds are all smiles as they shake hands and plant two kisses on each other for the camera. The NFL athlete also posted a series of photographs with the phrase My person, forever on his own grid.

On his wedding day, Biles wrote the following post:


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Photos show the pair tying the knot in the courtroom but are still planning a grand celebration with their loved ones. After meeting in 2020, the couple became engaged in February of 2022, and ever since then, they’ve been documenting the wedding preparations online. Biles announced on April 15 that she and Owens had been married.

The next Sunday, April 23, Biles held a Q&A with her fans on Instagram Story, where she discussed the upcoming destination beach wedding and courtroom ceremony. Though she’s been preparing for her huge wedding for months, the Olympic gold medalist said she only ordered her dress, shoes, wedding bands, and bouquet “this week” for the courthouse.

I’m not as ready for the courthouse ceremony as I am for the big wedding, she wrote. In addition, her sister Adria was running late for the courthouse scene.

Simone Biles Wedding

Biles explained, “My sister showed up as soon as we finished courthouse ceremony. . . so she missed the entire thing. Granted, it was quick, but still.” She added, “Typical Adria,” with a laughing emoji.

Biles also teased what guests and fans alike can expect from her destination wedding. She is wearing four dresses in total. Dramatic, but you only have a wedding once, she wrote, sharing that the most considerable expense for the event was the flowers.

Biles said she and her husband are expecting roughly 135 to 140 guests and are “waiting on a few passports” still. A follower also asked about the total budget for the courthouse ceremony and wedding. Biles wrote, “We went so over budget we’ve decided there is no longer a budget. You only live once.”

Owens has seven guys, and Biles has eight bridesmaids at their wedding party. Biles also revealed that the couple has yet to decide on a location for their post-wedding vacation but is still planning to take one.

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