Stephen Crowder Divorce: Outrage Over Berating His Pregnant Wife

A well-known rights influencer, Stephen Crowder, is in trouble after a video of him yelling at his pregnant wife went viral. Crowder emotionally att@cks his wife in a parking lot while she cries and begs him to stop.

The video has since gone viral. Crowder’s actions have caused anger and calls for him to be held responsible for them. Many people wonder if his actions are a sign of bigger problems in their marriage. Some people wonder if the couple will split up as the scandal continues.

Stephen Crowder Divorce: The End of a love story

In a Friday, April 28, afternoon tweet, conservative pundit Steven Crowder said the video showing him berating his then-pregnant wife was “misleadingly edited” and declared his intention to unseal any associated documents in Texas.

Yashar Ali posted frightening Ring footage from June 2021 on Thursday, in which Crowder can be heard urging his wife Hilary to “f-king watch it” and accusing her of refusing “to do wifely things.”

Hilary, who just divorced Crowder and is now expecting twins, was eight months along when the couple separated.

“Broken marriages are ugly. In them, people do ugly things, myself included, and I would never claim otherwise,” Crowder said in a Twitter video and written statement on Friday.

“Due to recent misleadingly edited leaks to the tabloid press, without context and not subject to consequences of the court … well, if not privacy, the next best option is truth,” he continued.

Therefore, I have filed a motion today to formally unseal all documents pertaining to the matter of public record. Documents pertaining to finances, depositions, medical records (including any psychiatric history or assessments), and pending requests for sanctions from Texas courts.

Stephen Crowder Divorce

“I will NOT be leaking private marital information to the press,” he said, “but if all parties do not respect the privacy agreements, I will address that [as] a matter of irrefutable legal record, in full context, next week.”

Crowder’s statement comes after Hilary’s family told Ali that his estranged wife spent “years hiding Steven’s mentally and emotionally abusive behavior from her friends and family while she attempted to save their marriage.”

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The “Change my mind” meme sensation had dubbed the couple’s separation “horrendous,” implying that he was being extorted throughout the divorce procedures.

This week, he told an audience, “It’s been the most heartbreaking experience in my life,” calling the end of his marriage “my deepest personal failure.” “It’s no one else’s fault but my own … I picked wrong,” he said of the now-ex he married in 2012.

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