Twisted Metal Trailer: the Secrets of the Subaru Are Shown in It

Start your engines and get ready to jump into the action-packed world of Twisted Metal, where damage and chaos rule. In the most recent video, the mysterious Subaru is the main focus, leaving fans to wonder what secrets this car holds.

The video shows just enough to keep fans on the edge of their seats. It shows explosive footage and heart-stopping stunts. So fasten your seat belts and get ready to learn about the Subaru in the Twisted Metal video.

Twisted Metal Trailer: An Epic Look at the Battle of the Game

The debut of the Twisted Metal trailer from Peacock has finally arrived. It’s a TV program that can only be viewed online and based on a video game because shows like this are popular now. They can even be decent at times!

Due to my lack of experience with the game, I cannot comment on whether or not Twisted Metal’s visuals are appealing. A bugeye Subaru is prominently featured in the trailer, and I have strong feelings about it. In particular, there was the question, “What the heck is going on with this car?”

We can reveal some details in this reasonably well-lit view of the automobile’s interior. It’s an orange bugeye with a vented hood, fender flares, and an STi wing that someone added. The fact that the United States never received a bugeye STi made me wonder whether the above car is a WRX dressed up for Halloween.

Maybe. The lack of a hood scoop usually disqualifies a Subaru from WRX status, but in this case, that might not be the case at all.

Twisted Metal Trailer

The hood scoop on a WRX is mostly used to direct air into the intercooler up top, but the true Subaru fans also know it can vent hot air away from the turbo. This vented hood makes the former impossible while the latter is possible.

This vehicle may be a factory turbo if the top-mounted intercooler has been replaced with a front-mounted one. The front of the automobile is conveniently shown to us throughout the exhibition. Unfortunately, it’s dark because that’s how modern movies and TV are shot.

There’s nothing behind that front bumper to disclose, so blowing it up in Photoshop and turning up the brightness won’t help. If only there were another way to identify whether or not an Impreza had been changed or was a genuine WRX.

Okay, that makes sense. Here we see the actual metal WRX pedals. In 2003, Subaru only offered the Impreza with standard black tires. Sure, you could move these over, but why? Putting thought into pedal feel probably isn’t on your thoughts if you’re busy installing machine weapons in the fenders of your Subie.

The TV show’s trailers from previous seasons are available for viewing.

So it looks like the car in Twisted Metal is an actual WRX. That’s one heck of a mystery that nobody saw coming, and it didn’t even need to be solved, but damn if someone didn’t go and do it.

This should result in an incident midway through the season when Anthony Mackie’s cylinder 4-ring lands go bad. He has to switch in a junker engine since the piston slap destroyed the cylinder walls and plenty of boxer rumble and turbo flutter. If that’s included, I’ll give this program a perfect score.

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