Twitch Stories Feature: A New Way to Connect With Your Community

The most popular live streaming service for gamers, Twitch, has now introduced a brand-new feature called Stories. Similar to the postings found on Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media platforms, stories are brief entries that vanish after 48 hours.

Even when they are not live, streamers can still communicate with their audience through stories by sharing updates, behind-the-scenes footage, and other materials. This article will define Twitch Stories, describe how to use them, and discuss their advantages for both viewers and streamers.


What Are Twitch Stories?

Twitch Stories are short-lived bits of content that disappear 48 hours after being posted. Twitch notes that the feature is currently “limited to Partners and Affiliates who have had at least one stream in the last 30 days,” though all users with the latest version of Twitch on their device will be able to view Stories.

Stories can be created using clips, photos, or text messages. Streamers can personalize their stories with Twitch emotes, text, and other elements. Viewers can react to stories with emotes and send messages to the streamer. Stories are visible on the top of the Following page in the Twitch mobile app, as well as on the streamer’s channel page.

We’re rolling out stories on Twitch to help you stay connected with your community:

How to Use Twitch Stories?

To create a story, streamers need to have the Twitch mobile app installed and meet the eligibility requirements. They can then choose one of the following options:

  • From the Following tab, tap the icon above “My Story”.
  • Enter Creator Mode via the upper-right “Create” button. While in Creator Mode, tap the middle icon on the bottom, and select “Story”.
  • From a streamer’s channel page, select the Clips tab. Select a Featured Clip and click on the Export icon in the top-right corner. Select “Share to my Stories” and you will be taken to the stories composer view.

Once a story is created, streamers can choose to share it with all their followers or only their subscribers. By default, sharing a story sends a push notification to the followers. However, viewers can adjust their notification settings to control how often they are notified about stories.

To view a story, viewers need to have the Twitch mobile app installed and updated. They can then tap on the stories shelf at the top of the Following page or on the streamer’s profile picture on their channel page.

They can swipe left or right to navigate through different stories and tap on the screen to pause or resume a story. They can also send emotes or messages to the streamer by tapping on the bottom-left or bottom-right icons respectively.

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Why Use Twitch Stories?

Twitch Stories is a new way for streamers to stay connected with their community, even when they are not live. They can use stories to:

  • Share stream updates, such as schedule changes, upcoming events, or technical issues.
  • Share behind-the-scenes moments, such as setup photos, gaming gear reviews, or personal anecdotes.
  • Share highlights, such as clips from previous streams, achievements, or funny moments.
  • Share opinions, such as game reviews, recommendations, or feedback requests.
  • Share promotions, such as giveaways, collaborations, or sponsorships.

Stories can help streamers increase their engagement, loyalty, and retention with their followers. They can also help them attract new viewers who might discover their stories through recommendations or notifications.

Viewers can use stories to:

  • Stay updated on their favourite streamers’ activities and plans.
  • Show support and appreciation for their favourite streamers by reacting and messaging them.
  • Discover new streamers who might share similar interests or preferences.
  • Enjoy more content from their favourite streamers between live streams.

Stories can help viewers feel more connected and involved with their favourite streamers. They can also help them find more entertainment and value from Twitch.


Twitch Stories is a new feature that allows streamers and viewers to connect through short posts that expire after 48 hours. Streamers can create stories using clips, photos, or text messages and share them with all their followers or only their subscribers.

Viewers can view stories on the top of the Following page or on the streamer’s channel page and react and message them. Stories can help both streamers and viewers increase their engagement, loyalty, and retention on Twitch.

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