Who is Julissa Thaler? Whose Mu*der Did She Reportedly Commit?

Julissa Thaler: Uncovering the Unknown is a scary story of accusations and secrets. Explore the intriguing story of a woman who is wrapped in mystery as we answer the troubling questions about her. What’s Julissa Thaler’s name? And whose de@th does she supposedly do?

Prepare for a thrilling trip into the depths of evil and mystery as the curtain is pulled back on a story that will leave you spellbound. Join us as we put together the pieces of this fascinating puzzle, where truth and lies dance in a chilling dance of tension. Get ready to dive into a world where secrets whisper and justice hangs in the balance.

Who is Julissa Thaler?

Minnesota mother Julissa Thaler was given a life sentence for the mu*der of her 6-year-old son Eli Hart, but not before she broke down in court and told the judge how she felt.
At her sentencing hearing, Julissa Thaler proclaimed,  “I’m innocent. F—k you all. You’re garbage. That is all, your honor.”

Check out the official FOX9 News video report we included below:

Thaler was arr*sted and charged with first- and second-degree mur*der in connection with the de@th of her son, Eli Hart, in May 2022. Law and Crime Network claims that Thaler, the person awarded complete custody of the child, shot Eli nine times.

District Judge Jay Quam of Hennepin County responded to the outburst by saying:

“Ms. Thaler, I don’t know if that’s appropriate here.” Thaler, 29, replied, “Sorry, I told you what somebody else can’t.”

Quam started to read Thaler’s words, and he said:

“The worst thing that seems to happen to parents is to l0se their child. It’s worse, though, when you don’t l0se your child to something like cἀncer or an ἀccident, it’s when someone takes that child from the world.”

Quam continued, “What I can’t imagine, nobody can imagine, is that the person that takes the child from the world is the person that brought that child in.”

Quam said before he sentenced Thaler to life in pr!son without the possibility of parole:

“Nothing I do would bring justice to this situation. Nothing I do would relieve any of the pain that you caused by doing that.”

Throughout Quam’s reading, Thaler sat with her head resting on her hand and her eyes fixed on the floor. As she was carried out of the courthouse, she appeared to flip off the jurors and the judge.

On May 19, 2022, residents of Orono complained to police about a driver with a flat tire and a shattered back windshield, prompting officers to contact Thaler. Thaler was found by police at the scene of the traffic stop with bl00d in her car and pieces of flesh all over her.

Who is Julissa Thaler

Thaler stated that she bought the deer from a butcher and that the blood came from a tampon. Thirty minutes after dropping off Thaler at his house, the cops arrived and discovered Eli’s body in the trunk along with the shotgun that was likely used to mu*der him.

Thaler had gained full custody of the youngster only ten days before to his p@ssing. Tony Hart, Eli’s father, had repeatedly complained to the courts about Thaler’s alleged dr*g use and mental health problems, but his concerns were dismissed each time.

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To those in Dakota County who gave Thaler custody, Tony Hart has filed a wrongful de@th suit. CBSNews reports that the case will be heard in 2024 before a federal court.

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