Does Season 5 of Black Clover Have a Confirmed Comeback Date?

The long-awaited return of the Black Clover series has finally happened. The Sword of the Wizard King movie just came out on Netflix around the world.

But as fans get ready to watch Asta and Yuno’s latest adventure, many are beginning to wonder when the popular anime series will be back on TV. We still don’t have official word that season 5 of Black Clover is going to start early production.

The good news is that good news about the return of the popular anime series should be coming soon. Here is everything you need to know about Black Clover season 5.

Will Black Clover Return for Season 5?

As was previously said, neither manga author Yuki Tabata nor Studio Pierrot has confirmed whether or not they would be producing Black Clover season 5. Despite the absence of information following the June 16 launch of Sword of the Wizard King, the good news is that a fifth season of the anime adaption will almost certainly be made at some point.

This is because the original manga series, Black Clover, is still being serialized in Japan’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, and the anime adaptation has not yet caught up to that point.

While the final anime episode aired in March 2021 and was based on chapters up to 272 of the manga, as of June 16 a grand total of 361 chapters have been released in Japan and worldwide via digital services Viz Media and Manga Plus.

Black Clover Season 5

Considering that most anime adaptions feature three chapters per episode, Black Clover still has at least 29 episodes worth of material to cover.

Viewers can access further seasons of the other shows under consideration, including:

Mark the website in your bookmarks if you want to know when new episodes of the series are available to watch.

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