Who Are The Children Of Brendan Fraser? Details About Griffin, Holden And Leland

Canadian-American actor Brendan James Fraser is recognized for his starring performances in a wide variety of films. In 1991, Fraser made his film debut as a Seaman headed to Vietnam in Dogfight.

He has won multiple honors, including an Academy Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, a Critics’ Choice Movie Award, and nominations for the Golden Globe Award and the BAFTA Award. As a father and an actor, Brendan Fraser has a lot of reasons to be pleased with his life. The actor brought his kids to the 2023 Oscars with him. Below we have mentioned everything we know about the kids of Brendan Fraser.


Who Are The Children Of Brendan Fraser?

Fraser, now 54, and his ex-wife, Afton Smith, now 55, have three young sons. Griffin, 20, Holden, 18, and Leland, 16 are all the children of the ex-couple. On September 17, 2022, Griffin Arthur Fraser was born into the world.

Fraser has talked about his kids in interviews, and they have made a few public appearances, but they mostly live quiet lives. In an interview with GQ published in February 2018, Fraser revealed that Griffin has autism.

“Griffin’s rated on the autism spectrum,” the actor stated. “The world gives him the love he craves because, uh, he needs it.”

Who Are The Children Of Brendan Fraser
Who Are The Children Of Brendan Fraser

He stated that his eldest son is “a curative on everyone who meets him, I noticed. People have some rough edges to them. Or he just makes them, I don’t know…put things into sharper relief and maybe find a way to have a little bit more compassion. They don’t put themselves first so much around him.”

Holden Fletcher Fraser was born on August 16, 2004. According to People, Holden and Leland attended a New York City screening of The Whale with their father. Leland was born as Leland Francis Fraser on May 2, 2006.

On the Rachael Ray Show in February of 2010, Fraser discussed his youngest son for the first time. People reported that he called Leland, then 3 years old, a professional fire plug. He said that he goes through brushes and briers and comes out on the other side scratched and smiling.

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What Did Brendan Fraser’s Kids Think Of Him Being Nominated For An Oscar In 2023?

Holden and Leland went to the 2023 Oscar Awards with their father to offer their support. For his performance as Charlie in The Whale, Fraser has been nominated for the Best Actor award.

On E!’s red carpet, the boys told Laverne Cox about their dad’s nomination, as reported by People. Holden declared that he is extremely happy and pleased. Leland sided with his elder sibling on this one. Fraser told Extra in January 2023 about the time his kids surprised him with his nomination. You can see the tweet below in which Brendan wins the Oscar.

When asked what he thought when he heard he was nominated, the actor stated, “Amazement and surprise, because my kids surprised me with cake and balloons.”

“They sneaked into the house, they had a plan. That and the feeling that sharing that moment with my loved ones is now a core memory of mine.”

When Did The Separation Of Brendan Fraser and Afton Smith Took Place?

After first meeting in 1993, Fraser and Smith tied the knot on September 27, 1998. However, in December of 2007, the couple split up. Fraser discussed their co-parenting arrangement in a GQ interview from February 2018. You can also see the official tweet by Lorraine below.

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