How Rich Is Tyler Perry? Actor Remembers A Beautiful Time Spent With His Son

Emmitt Perry, Jr. was born on September 13, 1969, in New Orleans, Louisiana. He dropped out of high school but managed to get his GED. Tyler began writing to help heal his mental wounds after enduring abuse at the hands of multiple family members as a child.

When he was in his early twenties, he was inspired to become a writer after watching an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show. Perry reportedly made over $100 million from the sale of tickets to his plays and another $30 million from the sale of related videos and merchandise before making a movie in Hollywood. Tyler Perry’s net worth has benefited greatly from all of these factors.


How Rich Is Tyler Perry?

The American actor, director, dramatist, and producer Tyler Perry has a net worth of $800 million. Tyler Perry is by far one of the most successful directors in terms of money in the entertainment business. He has directed and produced over 30 films, 20 plays, and 8 television series during the course of his career.

How Rich Is Tyler Perry
How Rich Is Tyler Perry

He makes between $200 million and $250 million a year from his huge entertainment empire. One deal with ViacomCBS brings in $150 million a year for his production company.

Tyler is a true self-made tycoon. His entire empire was founded on the success of the play he created and directed, titled I Know I’ve Been Changed. Tyler turned that play into a mini theatre empire while he was living in his car. That empire grew into the huge multi-media empire he has today. Tyler is responsible for all of his costs, income, and profits.

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Tyler Perry Recalls “Beautiful” Discipline Time With Son Aman

Tyler Perry is thinking back on a humbling experience he had as a parent. In an exclusive voice clip from Audible’s Michelle Obama: The Light Podcast that aired Tuesday, Tyler Perry candidly discusses a cathartic parenting moment he had with his 8-year-old son Aman with former first lady Michelle Obama.

When Aman refused to clean his teeth while at home with their nanny, Perry, who shares custody of Aman with ex Gelila Bekele, remembers a time when he disciplined his kid with compassion.

He said, “I walk in the room and we have a nanny who was helping us out and [Aman’s] just giving them business, he didn’t want to brush his teeth. He’s about 5 or 6 then and didn’t want to brush his teeth. He didn’t know I was in the door, I watched him for a minute, and then I had the nanny leave and I got down eye-to-eye and talked to him.”

He recalls telling his son, “I said, Listen to me, you are not going to be this way. We love you. We are your parents. You will not behave this way. We taught you better than this. You are a better kid than this. You’re going to be a better man than this. And I’m talking to him. I started to get emotional in the moment and I had to leave the room.”

Perry says he continued to feel upset and had a profound insight about his own upbringing even after his son apologized and went to clean his teeth. You can check the official tweet below in which Tyler Perry and Byron Allen are currently in a bidding war to buy the majority stake in BET.

He tells Michelle Obama, “I went out on the balcony I was in tears because I realized that nobody had ever talked, got down and talked to me eye-to-eye and had a conversation with me that I could understand. There was just yelling and cussing and what you’re not and what you’re never going to be.” 

“So to have a moment where I had a chance to have a conversation with a child, who is my spitting image, I was not only correcting and leading him the right way but helping my own little boy inside of me heal, it was a beautiful moment.”

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