Cardi B Caught Cheating: Exposing the Truth About Specluation’s Beginning

Recently, Cardi B was accused of cheating. This exposé investigates the rumors’ roots and Cardi B’s alleged infidelity. Join us as we explore this controversial story and untangle the chatter.

Did Cardi B Caught Cheat on His Husband?

After Migos rapper Offset made public allegations that Cardi B had cheated on him in the past, Cardi B publicly tore him a new one. On Monday(26 June 2023), Offset posted, then quickly deleted, “My wife f***** a N**** on me gang yall n***** know how I come.”

Only hours after his post, Cardi took to Twitter Spaces to respond, vehemently denouncing the allegations, and claimed that it would be next to impossible for her to cheat on Offset due to her fame.

You can listen to Cardi B’s tweets about her emotions here:

She went so far as to threaten Offset with a bottle to the head if he dared make such statements to her in person. Cardi called Offset the “countryman” and hinted that he was on a downhill spiral with her fans. Cardi and Offset’s marriage appears to be in trouble, but the details are unclear.

Cardi B Caught Cheating

Offset’s public reconciliation with Quavo during an homage to their late bandmate Takeoff at Friday night’s BET Awards was an emotional gut-wrencher, but Cardi was noticeably absent from his side.

For Offset’s huge show at Paris Fashion Week, Cardi stayed at home, too. The majority of Cardi’s supporters are on her side. Offset’s infidelities have become their own plotline, with some believing the only punishment he should receive is a toy violin.

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