Is It True That Tattoos Of Danny Trejo Have Stereotyped Him?

Actor Danny Trejo has appeared in more than 400 movies and television shows. The Latino star loves cameo roles and has made short appearances in everything from the Star Wars series to Spy Kids and just about every major animated series you can think of.

Even with all of this, it’s not a secret that Danny Trejo has a certain look that makes it hard to cast him in certain roles. His tattoos, especially the huge one of a Mexican lady on his chest, are one of his most distinctive features.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Danny talked in depth about whether or not he feels like he’s stuck in a certain role because of the tattoos on his body and the way he looks.


How Many Tattoos Danny Trejo Have?

Danny Trejo is known for his great acting, but he is also a great example of someone who went from poor to rich. As a result of his difficult upbringing, he spent a significant portion of his childhood “on and off basis” in prison. Danny tried to clean up his life by boxing and then went on to become one of the most well-known bad guys in Hollywood.

His deep voice, rough exterior, and craggy features make him seem like he would be perfect for an anti-hero role.  Danny Trejo is a talented actor who also happens to have some amazing tattoos. There are a total of ten tattoos on his body which are named as:-

  • Mexican Cowgirl Tattoo
  • Debbie Tattoo
  • Danielle Tattoo
  • Peacock Tattoo
  • Hummingbird Tattoo
  • Roses Tattoo
  • Catholic Cross Tattoo
  • Unidentified Tattoo
  • Potrait of pets Tattoo
  • Family Tattoo

Is Danny Trejo Categorized Due To His Tattoos?

In the 1985 film Runaway Train, which also starred Jon Voight and Eric Roberts, Danny Trejo made his acting debut. Danny knew one of the film’s writers, Eddie Bunker, from the time when he was in jail.

Is Danny Trejo Categorized Due To His Tattoos
Is Danny Trejo Categorized Due To His Tattoos

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Danny Trejo noted, “Eddie Bunker remembered I was the welterweight champion in San Quentin. He said, ‘Danny, are you still boxing? We need somebody to train one of the actors Eric Roberts how to box. It pays $320 a day.’ I was working as a drug counselor, making maybe $190, $220 a week before taxes. So I asked: ‘How badly you want this guy beat up?’ From that moment on, my entire life changed. For the first years of my career, I was ‘bad guy,’ ”mean guy,’ ‘Chicano dude,’ ‘tattoo guy.’ But I always made my $320 a day.”

There’s no question that a lot of actors don’t want to be typecast. But it doesn’t look like Danny Trejo is one of those actors. Danny told The Hollywood Reporter that he was never disturbed by the fact that he was often cast in the same roles because of his appearance and tattoos, especially in the beginning of his career. You can also check the latest information we have covered on our website Katy Perry Arm Tattoo.

He remarked about his first interview which was took by a girl. She asked him whether or not he feels stereotyped as a Chicano dude because of his tattoos. Danny said that he was a mean Chicano dude and is very proud of that. You can check the tweet below in which the chest tattoo of Danny Trejo can be seen clearly.

How Robert Rodriguez Influenced Danny Trejo’s Career?

Danny Trejo still takes roles that fit his “mean” tattooed look, but the Machete actor says that director Robert Rodriguez gave him roles that showed his range.

Danny’s second cousin Robert Rodriguez became one of the actors who worked with him the most. With Robert’s help, Danny has shown himself to be a strong actor. He has also shown that he doesn’t care about what people think of him. You can see the tweet below in which it is said that Danny and Robert are second cousins.

Danny said he cried the first time he saw youngsters dressed up as Machete for Halloween after the first movie came out and was extremely happy.

Danny Trejo’s career changed for good after Machete came out in 2010, but he thinks one of his most memorable roles was in 1995’s Heat. But he says that it’s because of his co-star Robert De Niro.

The topic of Danny Trejo tattoos has been well covered at this point. The actor has been labelled a stereotype because of the tattoo of a Mexican woman on his chest, but he doesn’t mind. He takes immense pride in the fact that he is working. If you want to learn more, you can visit our website

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