What Does The Arm Tattoo Of Katy Perry Means? Meanings Of Other Tattoos Also Explained

Katy Perry is an American singer, songwriter, and TV personality whose real name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson. Vogue has called her the Queen of Camp because of how much she has changed modern pop music and how campy her style is.

Katy Perry, the pop star, is known as one of the best music composers in the world. She has gained fame not only for her music, but also for her tattoos. In fact, she has her own personal tattoo artist. But have you noticed the Sanskrit tattoo on Katy Perry’s right arm?


The Arm Tattoo Of Katy Perry

Though Katy Perry has several tattoos on her body, but the tattoo which got everyone’s attention, is the one she got inked inside her arm. Katy Perry is one of those people who loves getting inked on the basis of their emotions.

Katy Perry is a woman of many talents. Instead of getting a traditional tattoo, she got a Sanskrit one that she saw as a symbol of her love for her husband, Russel Brand. “Anuugacchati Pravaha,” a sanskrit phrase is written on the singer’s arm.

What Is The Literal Meaning Of Katy Perry’s Sanskrit Tattoo?

A Sanskrit phrase is tattooed on Katy Perry’s right arm. Katy got her tattoo years ago, but a throwback photo of it is making the waves online again. Anuugacchati Pravaha, which means go with the flow, is the translation of the phrase inked on the singer’s arm. Surprisingly, Russell Brand, Katy’s ex-husband, has the same tattoo.

Brand, a self-proclaimed “tattoo lover,” is covered with religious designs. But, once the couple broke up, Brand covered up the Sanskrit tattoo that was on his arm. You can also look at the additional information we have covered on our website Katy Perry Message For Kim Kardashian.

What Is The Literal Meaning Of The Katy Perry's Sanskrit Tattoo
What Is The Literal Meaning Of The Katy Perry’s Sanskrit Tattoo

Many famous actors and actresses in Hollywood have Sanskrit phrases tattooed on their bodies.

Miley Cyrus, another famous singer, previously made waves when she got the symbol for “Om” tattooed on her wrist. The actor, who is fond of getting tattoos, also has the word “Karma” tattooed on the index finger of her right hand. Reports state that the singer feels more comfortable in her own skin since getting the tattoo. If you are curious to know more about Miley Cyrus, then read Miley Cyrus Divorce Song.

American artist and vocalist Kimberly Wyatt also has a Sanskrit shloka tattooed on the base of her neck. It was from the chapter and verse “Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu.” You can see the tweet below in which Katy Perry has the sanskrit phrase tattooed on her arm.

What Does Other Tattoos Of Katy Perry Means?

Katy Perry’s body is covered in tattoos. See the meaning behind Katy Perry’s most famous tattoos here:

Jesus On Her Wrist– Katy has a tattoo of Jesus on her wrist. She got it in 2001, when she put out her first gospel album. This is the first tattoo she ever had. Katy was raised in a deeply religious family, and her tattoo is a tribute to both her faith and her favourite instrument.  She says that she is neither a Christian nor a Buddhist nor a Hindu, but she still feels connected to God. She says the tattoo is a constant reminder of where she came from.

Strawberry Tattoo On Her Ankle– Katy Perry got the tattoo of a strawberry on her ankle in 2009, after her album One of the Boys became a huge hit. She has shown how much she likes strawberries by making props and costumes for her shows that are based on strawberries. During her “Hello Katy” world tour, Katy used inflatable strawberries as stage props. Her costume and accessories also had fruit patterns. You can check the official tweet below in which katy Perry honored the end of her Witness Era with a new tattoo.

Peppermint Tattoo On Her Ankle– Katy received the tattoo of a peppermint with a smile on her right ankle to match with the strawberry tattoo she already had. For the album Teenage Dream, she decided to have this tattoo. She also performed in peppermint-themed outfits on her California Dreams tour.

Lotus Flower On Her Wrist– Katty has a little tattoo of a lotus flower on her right wrist, which she got in 2012. She has never discussed it or posted any photos of it on Twitter. We can only guess that Katy got this tattoo for a fresh start after her divorce from Russell Brand, since the lotus flower is a symbol of the soul’s growth, purity, and awakening. This tattoo is a clear sign of her bravery and ability to get through hard times.

Cherry Blossom Tattoo on Her Ankle– Cherry blossom tattoos are very common and represent beauty and living in the moment. This Japanese tattoo shows how life is always changing. Katy has this tattoo on her right ankle since 2013. Katy’s ex-boyfriend, John Mayer, also has a similar tattoo.

Hello Kitty’s Face On Her Finger– Katy has a tattoo of Hello Kitty’s adorable little head on the side of her right middle finger. Katy received this tattoo on October 30 in honour of Hello Kitty’s 40th anniversary and the first day of the Hello Kitty Concert.

The topic of Katy Perry arm tattoo has been discussed about a lot up to this point. The singer has a number of tattoos on her body, all of which have significance. But the one which caught everyone’s sight was the sanskrit phrase. Go to our website talkxbox.com if you’re interested in finding out more.

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