De@d Island 2 Game Pass: The Ultimate Gaming Experience Coming Out!

Are you ready for the best zombie disaster journey of all time? De@d Island 2 Game Pass is all you need. Prepare to dive into a post-apocalyptic California with hordes of zombies, intense fighting, and exciting co-op gameplay.

With the power of Gamepass, you can join the fight against the zombie horde today and experience the ultimate survival game like never before. Everyone’s been wondering: Can De@d Island 2 be played with Xbox Game Pass? Read this whole post to find out the right answer.


De@d Island 2 Game Pass Availability Explained!

The 21st of April marks the launch of De@d Island 2. And this game may end up being one of the year’s most critically acclaimed releases. The developers at Deep Silver Dambuster Studios put in a lot of work to make the game enjoyable.

You’ll need to develop immunity to the zombie virus plaguing Los Angeles to join the ranks of the city’s survivors. And in HELL-A, as the locals have dubbed it, you’ll need to use any one of a thousand methods, including the power of Zombies, to eliminate the zombie threat.

Dead Island 2 Game Pass

With the game’s cross-platform release, many gamers, except Game Pass users, will experience it. According to thenerdstash.comDe@d Island 2 is unavailable on Game Pass now.

Oddly, Xbox multiplayer requires Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Xbox Live Gold membership. The game itself must be purchased separately, though. However, this may be just a short setback.

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Is De@d Island 2 Pre-Load Open Now?

The preloading of De@d Island 2 was made available to Xbox players on April 3. However, PlayStation and PC players had to wait until April 19 to get their hands on the game before it was made available worldwide.

The PC, Xbox Series S|X, and PlayStation 5 versions of the game will each require a little more spare space on your hard drive to complete the download. The file size of the game will vary depending on the platform. The exact file size for each platform is listed below for your convenience:

  • PlayStation 5: 48 GB
  • PlayStation 4: 19 GB
  • Xbox One: 26 GB
  • Xbox Series X|S: 54 GB
  • PC: 70 GB

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