Erin Cahill Wedding: The Couple Real Life Romance And Wedding Anniversary!

American actress Erin Jessica Cahill. She is best recognized for her performances as Kendra Burke in Saving Grace, Ted Mosby’s sister Heather in How I Met Your Mother, and Jen Scotts in Power Rangers Time Force.

In the ABC series Red Widow, she played Felicity on a regular basis. She is also notable for being the first primary female character in the Call of Duty series, appearing as Rebecca Chambers in Resident Evil: Vendetta and Chloe “Karma” Lynch in Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

Cahill has focused his work since 2016 on television movies for Lifetime and Hallmark. She was subsequently accepted into the Barton and Williams Dance Company and received both corporate and personal honors.

She earned academic and performing arts scholarships to attend Marymount Manhattan College in New York after graduating from high school in 1998. At the age of 19, she dropped out of college to focus solely on her acting career in Los Angeles. Here are more details about Erin Cahill Wedding.

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Erin Cahill Wedding

Paul Freeman and Erin Cahill have been married for five years. On September 3, 2021, the couple celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary. To commemorate the event, the actress shared a number of images on Instagram.

Erin Cahill Wedding

The first image appeared to be from their wedding, which occurred in 2016 in a small ceremony on the French Cote d’Azur. Do you find red and pink to be flattering together? Well, it doesn’t really matter anymore, but Erin was allegedly d@ting the actor who portrayed the red ranger in “Power Ranger.”

The actor Jason Faunt served as Cahill’s romantic interest. Fans may have assumed that the two are involved in a real-life relationship because their on-screen characters were lovers. However, we are unable to confirm or refute the rumors.

However, little information regarding their relationship is available outside of a tweet Faunt posted in the past, where he shared a photo of the two former costars sharing lunch.

Paul Freeman and Erin Jessica Cahill dated for a long time before being hitched in a small ceremony on the French Cote d’Azur in 2016. In a post commemorating their wedding anniversary, Erin hailed her folk-pop singer-songwriter husband who is Welsh-born.


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There was no doubt that their friendship developed into something more serious given how close they had grown in such a short period of time. The charming actress isn’t afraid to use her social media to show off their friendship and understanding of one another. The relationship between the two is passionate and exotic.

“Thank you for teaching me and growing with me. You are my greatest gift. So thankful for every anniversary adventure we have had and all those ahead. I love you eternally,” the lady thanked her beloved partner for making her the happiest woman every day.

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