Gex Trilogy Release Date: The Gecko Strikes Back With Classic Gameplay!

Get ready to go back to Gex’s funny and well-known world. Gex, Gex: Enter the Gecko, and Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko are all coming back together for the first time in a set called Gex Trilogy. This collection, put out by Limited Run Games, will take you back to the early days of the PlayStation.

Even though there was no gameplay video shown at the recent announcement, we can assume that the old games will stay the same thanks to the innovative Carbon Engine that was made by Limited Run. Gex Trilogy is sure to hook fans again with its wit, references to pop culture, and a bit of nostalgia. Keep an eye out for the date of release on different devices.

What is Gex Trilogy Release Date?

This is really happening now. Gex has returned after much anticipation, fan game jams, and pleading for attention. Gex Trilogy, a compilation of the original Gex, Gex: Enter the Gecko, and the definitive version of the series, Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko, was just unveiled by publisher Limited Run Games at a showcase event.

Although no gameplay footage was presented at the Gex Trilogy reveal, we may presume that the vintage games will remain unchanged thanks to the Carbon Engine, a technique developed by Limited Run to transfer classic games to modern systems. Gex’s return to the series is very reminiscent of James Bond’s own, as evidenced by the early trailer’s cheeky surprise modeled by the iconic 007 entrance.

The tweet announcing the release of the Gex Trilogy for PS5, Xbox One, PS4, and Switch can be found below:

It will be interesting to see Gex again, as he probably hasn’t changed at all to adapt to modern circumstances. Each installment in the series heavily relies on humor and pop culture allusions from the early to mid-1990s, with parodies of the era sprinkled throughout the levels.

The Nightmare Before Christmas, Johnny Carson, Newhart, The Beverly Hillbillies, Goldfinger, Kolchak: The Night Stalker, Dracula (1992), Hogan’s Heroes, Rawhide, and Loverboy are all verbally referenced in the game. Some of these have remained relevant, but many of Gex’s references will make the games feel dated.

Gex Trilogy Release Date

The icon’s comeback, though, is welcome news. Gex is one of gaming’s long-forgotten mascots, and his trilogy is rarely cited as a crucial element of the PlayStation’s classic mascot era. For too long, Gex has been the outcast, ignored in favor of fan favorites like Crash and Spyro.

It is hoped that Gex’s reputation as a parody character who says and does silly things will be reevaluated when Limited Run’s Gex Trilogy is released in the future.

Season premiere and finale teasers for the show can be viewed online:

There is no set date for the release of Gex Trilogy, but it will be available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Windows PC, and Nintendo Switch. It’s expected to get a digital release in addition to a limited physical one, as is the case with other Limited Run Games.

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