Is Heidi Klum Pregnant? There is a New Addition on the Way!

Heidi Klum, a lovely supermodel and television personality, has been making headlines recently, and it is speculated that she may be expecting a child now. The admirers and devotees of the stunning German woman are waiting with bated breath for official confirmation of the thrilling news.

Because of her stunning good looks and successful job, many people wonder whether she is prepared to grow her family again. So, is Heidi Klum pregnant? Let’s look into the rumors and see what information we can glean from them.

Is Heidi Klum Pregnant?

The rumor that Klum is pregnant is false. Both the model and the judge were sporting fake bellies for April 1st. Unfortunately, the joke backfired as many of her supporters felt they were being specifically targeted for not being able to have children.

Klum didn’t seem affected by the criticism, as she was photographed smiling while taping America’s Got Talent. According to Metro UK, the model has said that her pregnancy has been “wonderful” and “exciting” so far.

Is Heidi Klum Pregnant

“I mean, it’s a lot. I’ve done it four times. I breastfed eight months each time [with my four kids], and then I was pregnant again,” she told Jennifer Hudson in February. “Three times in a row. Again [my children are] 18, 17, 16, and then 13. Now I waited a long time, so maybe [yes],” she added about possibly having another child.

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