Who Is The Wife Of Michael Rapaport And Whether The Couple Has A Great Sense Of Humour?

Michael Rapaport has made a name for himself as an annoying troublemaker, so it shouldn’t come as much of a shock that his love for drama has occasionally seeped into his romantic relationships. The man who doesn’t mind getting into fights with pro athletes, former President Donald Trump, and random people on social media also has a tangled past with women he liked.

Still, it looks like the actor and comedian who likes to get a lot of attention has finally found a partner who likes his antics. Kebe Dunn, Michael Rapaport’s wife, has always been there for him and given him the approval he desperately needs. Learn about Michael Rapaport’s romantic history and who is his wife.


Who Is The Wife Of Michael Rapaport?

Michael Rapaport tied the knot with Kebe Dunn in 2016. The couple started dating in the 1990s, but no one knows how they met, why they broke up, or how soon Rapaport married his first wife(Beattie) after that.

The two only got back together after his divorce. They dated for a few years before getting married, but Rapaport wasn’t the kind of person to tell a tabloid about their wedding. The only information the public has is what the couple chooses to disclose on Instagram.

Who Is The Wife Of Michael Rapaport
Who Is The Wife Of Michael Rapaport

A picture from 1994, before Rapaport finished playing the neo-Nazi Remy in Higher Learning, provides insight into their early connection.

Dunn has had a small number of roles listed under her name on IMDb. In addition to her role in Love for Rent, she also appeared in the 2012 TV series In Session with Jonathan Pessin. She and her husband also made an appearance on an episode of Tournament of Laughs on TBS last year.

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Michael And Dunn Have A Great Sense Of Humour In Common

Depending on your point of view, Michael Rapaport whose official Instagram account is @michaelrapaport can be annoying or funny, but Dunn is sure that her husband belongs in the second group. Although she has made her Instagram private, she clearly demonstrated her own humorous abilities in the past by posting frequently about her partner.

Dunn knows what she got herself into when she hooked up with the bad-mouthed entertainer. Even though she calls Rapaport a man-baby, she still finds him endearing. On her Instagram (now deleted) post celebrating his birthday, she gushed, “Fearless and Funniest person I know. The most generous. The most complex temperamental sensitive loving creature. My other best friend… One of the reasons I wake up everyday smiling has a birthday today and I could not love him more without it being unhealthy!”

We love to see Rapaport’s softer side, but don’t get it twisted, he’s still always funny. Here’s a video he posted for Valentine’s Day 2020 featuring him and Dunn dancing:

That is all we know about Michael Rapaport Wife.The American actor is married to Kebe Dunn, whom he has dated for a very long time . If you want to learn more, you can visit talkxbox.com.

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