Who Is Scott Patterson Married To And What Is The Age Difference Between Them?

We love many things about Gilmore Girls, including the small-town charm of Stars Hollow, Lorelai and Rory’s fast-paced conversations full of funny pop culture references, and Luke Danes, of course.

Scott Patterson was such a perfect fit for the part that it was impossible to picture anyone else in the iconic role of the gruffly charming diner owner. He also shared great chemistry with Lauren Graham. However, what do you know about Scott Patterson’s own personal romantic history and who is his wife?


Who Is Scott Patterson Married To?

The actor and his wife Kristine Saryan have been married since 2014 and are the proud parents of a son. In 2000, Scott and Kristine were introduced by a mutual friend during the intermission of a play they were both attending.

Scott is now the host of the Gilmore Girls recap podcast I Am All In. Some media outlets have incorrectly stated that Kristine was a minor when they first met; however, Scott clarified the situation in a Facebook post by revealing that he was 41 and she was 21.

Who Is Scott Patterson Married To
Who Is Scott Patterson Married To

Although fans of Gilmore Girls will recognise Kristine from her two roles on the show, the couple prefers to keep their relationship private, so there aren’t many photos of them together.

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The Age Difference Between Kristen And Patterson Was A Source Of Conjecture And Criticism

Kristine Saryan is an actress who has been in a handful of notable films, including Gilmore Girls, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, and Kidnapped: The Hannah Anderson Story, among others. However, people know Saryan better as the wife of Scott Patterson, who used to be on Gilmore Girls.

There were many comments made at first about the gap in age between Kristine and her actor spouse. Patterson, then 41, was rumoured to be seeing a much younger woman, Kristine, whom the public placed in her late teens.

The couple continues to be the target of gossip. Scott has admitted in the past that Kristine’s feelings have been hurt by these remarks. You can check the tweet below in which Scott Patterson is being criticized for the age gap.

Eventually, in April 2021, Patterson came forward to give his side of the story regarding the age difference between he and his wife and how they first met. The Event actor wrote on his Facebook page about the first time he met Kristine.

He went on to say that Kristine was just 21 years old when they first met, while he was 41. Patterson added that they met during a play’s intermission thanks to a mutual friend of Patterson’s and Saryan’s.

At the time, Scott had already booked the role in Gilmore Girls, but it hadn’t been filmed yet. Again, he claimed that he and his wife had met Amy Sherman Palladino, creator of the Gilmore Girls, at several events in the entertainment industry.

After those discussions, Palladino came to the conclusion that Kristine would be a fantastic choice for the role of Crissy. As a result of an audition, Mrs. Patterson was cast in the role. In the 2004 episode “Last Week Fights, This Week Tights,” Saryan made his Gilmore Girls debut.

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