How Many Kids Does Mindy Kaling Has? Exclusive Details About Katherine and Spencer

Mindy Kaling, an actress, writer, and comedian, has two children. Kaling, who has never spoken publicly about who is the father of her children, has been keeping herself busy since the news of her first pregnancy in 2017.

In 2021 she said that it truly takes a community to raise her two children, Katherine Swati, 5, and Spencer Avu, 2. Kaling has said that a tremendous source of parenting advice is actress Reese Witherspoon, in addition to her nanny, father, and other family members.

In her 2020 essay collection, Nothing Like I Imagined (Except for Sometimes), Kaling wrote about how her relationship with her mother, who died in 2012, affected how she raised Katherine and Spencer.

She wrote, “I think that it finally dawned on me that I have a child who will never know her grandmother, the person who was the closest to me in the world. I realised the one thing that would bridge all three of our lives was our faith, this intangible thing that had been passed on to me and that I would now pass on to my daughter.”


How Many Kids Does Mindy Kaling Has?

Mindy Kaling is the proud mother of two wonderful kids, Katherine and Spencer. Yet Kaling has managed to keep her children Katherine and Spencer out of the public eye ever since they were born.

She exclusively told PEOPLE“I feel like I might as well wait until they get old enough so they can tell me if they want to be part of my social media or not.  I’m like any parent where I’m proud of the things they do,” she explained. “I think they’re so cute, and of course, I want other people to see it.”

How Many Kids Does Mindy Kaling Has
How Many Kids Does Mindy Kaling Has

Kaling showed the “Thriller” music video to her two children for the first time in October 2022, right before Halloween. Neither Katherine nor Spencer were frightened by the zombies, but they were fascinated by their dance. Kaling took a video of her kids dancing in front of the TV and posted it to Instagram, where her fans went wild.

There is one show that Kaling’s kids won’t be watching any time soon and that is The Office. Read on to find out all about Kaling’s children Katherine and Spencer.

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Katherine Swati Kaling, 5 Years Old

On December 15th, 2017, in Los Angeles, Kaling gave birth to her daughter, Katherine Swati. Kit, short for Katherine, is named after the late Swati Kaling, Kaling’s mother who passed away in 2012 from pancreatic cancer.

Kaling prefers to keep her children’s life private, but she has opened up about her daughter Kit’s lively spirit. “I didn’t know how much bribery there was to being a parent,” she quipped in a 2019 appearance on The Ellen Show. “Everytime I see her, she’s like Tony Soprano. She’s like in the mob, she’s smart.” You can see the official  Instagram post of Mindy Kaling below in which she can be seen enjoying with her kids.


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The actress later remarked that she doesn’t recognise much of her own personality in her daughter’s. She explained that as a child, she lacked self-assurance and was cautious around new people and new circumstances. She said quarantining with her daughter has actually bonded them really close together in an interview with PEOPLE.

Kit insisted on wearing her Kobe Bryant jersey to ballet class, and Kaling posted a cute photo of her doing so over a tutu and tights on Instagram.  Kaling said that it was difficult for Kit to adjust to her new role as big sister to her younger brother Spencer.

Spencer Avu Kaling, 2 Years Old

Because of the widespread nature of the COVID-19 virus, Kaling was able to keep her second pregnancy a secret. She gave birth to her second child, a son named Spencer Avu, on September 3, 2020, in Los Angeles, and she announced the news on an episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert that aired in October 2020. The actor Spencer Tracy and Kaling’s father Avu, whom she has called the hero of my family, inspired Spencer’s middle name, Spike.

In a touching Instagram post celebrating Spencer’s first birthday, Kaling recalled how she had Spencer during Covid and how it had been a strange. You can check the tweet by E! News below in which Mindy Kaling reacts to rumors that B.J. Novak fathered her kids.

Kaling discussed Spencer’s developing character in PEOPLE’s Beautiful Issue in 2022. “He’s so full of joy and he’s not neurotic,” she said. “He’s not anxious at all. He’s just a boy who loves trucks and tires.”

Kaling also said that a well-known game from her childhood was to crash his toy cars and trucks on purpose. “He’ll take one of his trucks and throw it across the room or use it to hit someone in the head,” she said. “It doesn’t hurt, and he’ll say “Uh-oh” as if he did it by accident and not on purpose.”

Mindy Kaling is a renowned actress in the American film and television industry and has a wonderful family with her two kids. However, who is the the father of her children is still a mystery. Till then, if you want to stay up to date about the lives of other celebrities, then keep a check on our website,

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