How Many Kids Do Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Have?

The Lively-Reynolds kids have some of the best genes in the world. The photographs of the attractive couple speak for themselves, so there’s no need to explain why.

Blake Lively recently announced on Instagram that she and her husband have welcomed their fourth child together. Moreover, there was no adorable baby picture included. Instead, Lively stood between Ryan Reynolds and his mother in a picture with the caption “Puppy Bowl Sunday 2023…been busy.” It was clear that she was no longer pregnant. The rest of the slideshow showed a lot of Lively’s favourite Big Game dishes.

In no time at all, fans had began congratulating the couple on their new addition to the family, even though they had not revealed the baby’s name or gender. It was a typical Reynolds-Lively move. The couple has four children, all of whom have been kept under wraps. Taylor Swift, one of their closest friends, may reveal more about the family in her music.

But, similar to Swift, Reynolds and Lively have shared occasional details about their children. Here is what we know about the kids of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively.


Does Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Have Kids?

Yes. Together, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have welcomed four children. The first three are all girls: James, 8, Inez, 6, and Betty, 3. Recently, the couple had their fourth child, but they have yet to reveal the birth date, s*x, or name of their little bundle of joy. The only reason we know is because in February, Lively uploaded an Instagram post of herself without a baby bump.

Does Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Have Kids
Does Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Have Kids

How Many Kids Do Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Have?

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, who were married in 2012, had their first child, a daughter named James, in December 2014. When Inez was born in September 2016 and Betty arrived in October 2019, the couple became members of the exclusive 2-under-2 club.

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Another kid was born to the couple in early 2023, although we don’t know the name, s*x, or exact day of birth yet. In September of 2022, they announced they were expecting a child. You can see the tweet below in which it is claimed that the couple has welcomed their fourth baby.

But we don’t know if Reynolds cleaned between the announcement and the baby’s birth. Like most parents of more than one child, Reynolds said on a recent episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, “The first one, everything is like perfect, and you set everything up, and everything is clean. By the fourth, you’re like, oh, right this is happening—I should sweep or something.” 

Is It True That Ryan Reynolds Has Three Daughters?

James, Betty, and Inez are the names of Ryan Reynolds’s daughters. He and Blake Lively have a child, making it they are fourth, but the gender is a mystery.

Reynold’s decision to take time away from performing was motivated by his new role as a father. ” I don’t want to miss this time with my kids,” Reynolds told Jessi Hempel, senior editor at large for LinkedIn News, in 2021. “I know you have kids as well.”

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