Hundreds Spend The Night In Airport As PDX Flights Gets Cancelled

More havoc was sown by winter storms on Thursday, when nearly a foot of snow in Portland and other areas of the Pacific Coast and the northern Plains halted transport. In Portland, the nearly 11 inches of snowfall made it the second-snowiest day on record.

It caught drivers by surprise and slowed down traffic during Wednesday evening rush hour. Drivers were stuck on the road for hours. It not only blocked traffic on the roads, but also caused havoc in the air. Several PDX flights in the portland got cancelled due to this.


Dozens Of PDX Flights Gets Cancelled

Dozens of flights were cancelled or delayed at Portland International Airport due to the city’s near-record snowfall, which also backed up city streets.

Almost today, two months ago, Valerie Brown was unable to board a Southwest Airlines aircraft from Las Vegas to Portland to celebrate Christmas because of the bad weather. For the same reason, Brown can’t leave now.

Due to flight delays or cancellations, Brown spent the night at Portland International Airport on Wednesday. With over 130 flights cancelled on Thursday and more expected, hundreds of passengers are expected to spend the night at the airport. The winter travel advisory has also warned about more snowing at night.

“The last 24 hours have been crazy,” Brown said as she sat on a vinyl couch that had been her bed for the one and a half hours she got.

Dozens Of PDX Flights Gets Cancelled
Dozens Of PDX Flights Gets Cancelled

The Portland Area Was Hit With Record-Breaking Snowfall

On Wednesday, record-breaking snowfall slammed the Portland area, causing flight delays, car wrecks, and the cancellation of school. The airport received about 11 inches of rain, the second greatest amount on record. If you want to know more about recent flight cancellations due to the snow storm, then have a look at Chicago Flights Cancelled Today.

Kama Simonds, a representative for the Port of Portland, said the airport’s runways were dry by Thursday morning. Yet, she cautioned, that won’t necessarily be enough to get all the flights back on schedule. Due to the late arrival of the plane on Wednesday, a number of Thursday’s flights have been rescheduled or cancelled.

But sometimes airlines lack the personnel to de-ice their flights in time. In addition, airlines must take into account the bigger picture at the national level, including the situations in other cities that are also experiencing severe winter weather.

According to Simonds, around one-third of Thursday’s flights at Portland have been cancelled. It includes every Southwest Airlines flight, as per the airport’s departures page. You can see the tweet below in which it can seen that road conditions are operational but the weather is not so good.

Brown, who grew up in the Portland area but now resides in Las Vegas, was here on a work trip that she decided to extend in order to make up for the Christmas vacation she was unable to take because of the severe winter weather that caused Southwest Airlines to cancel all flights.

Her return flight to Sin City was scheduled for Wednesday at 4:45 p.m. As she arrived at the airport, she observed that the flight was being delayed every 10 minutes until it was finally cancelled. She changed her reservation to the following flight on Friday afternoon.

Due to Uber’s high fare estimates, she was unable to go back to her parents’ house in Tualatin, and she also declined to spend the night in a hotel. Looking out onto the tarmac with around 28 hours to go until her trip, Brown did find a silver lining. “I have a great view. I get to watch the snow clouds,” said Brown, 48. “I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty.”

Later that day, Brown’s parents picked her up at the airport and drove her back to the house she grew up in.

Cordelia Callahan, 21, sat down next to Brown; she and her mother had just returned from a lengthy trip to Indiana to spend time with family and attend her grandmother’s memorial service. Last night, Callahan boarded a Southwest Airlines flight and waited for hours before being instructed to leave. Callahan explained that she and her aunt had planned to pick them up at the airport, but her aunt had been rear-ended, shortly after pulling out of her driveway, so they opted to wait it out. You might also be interested to know more about United States Flight Delay.

Callahan has been away for almost three weeks, and she has missed her cat and her father. She is also disappointed that she had to cancel a homecoming party with her friends. You can read the official tweet by FlyPdx below in which it states that some flights may get cancelled and some may get delayed.

“Luckily, we found two cushion benches,” Callahan said. “Right next to each other.”

The 79-year-old Elena Weber has been waiting at the airport since Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. Weber stated that when her trip to see friends in Orange County was cancelled, she tried to rent a hotel but found that all of the available rooms had already been reserved. Her original flight was originally scheduled for Wednesday, but because it was cancelled, she was rebooked for Thursday and now has no idea how she will get home.

“You would be amazed at how well people are handling it,” she said.

Weber knows she is a fortunate person. She said, “I got a real comfortable chair with a footstool,”  and went on to explain that another stranded tourist was guarding her stuff (and vice versa during bathroom breaks).

Almost all of the airport’s eateries stayed closed on Thursday morning because their staff simply couldn’t come to work. She remarked, “The coffee roaster place had the longest line, and it was worth it.”

In conclusion, it’s clear that we’ve talked about PDX Flights Cancelled. Most of the southern region of the state’s roads were closed due to the storm. High winds and drifting snow made it nearly difficult for rescuers to approach the stranded vehicles. If you would like to know more content, please visit our website

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