Who Is The Wife Of Derek Carr And How Many Children They Have?

The Las Vegas Raiders have chosen Derek Carr as their starting quarterback. The former Fresno State University quarterback has been hurling footballs since he was a high schooler, so he is ready for the spotlight in the National Football League. Although everybody knows that he is one of the greatest footaballers, but little is known about his personal life. Here is everything we know about who is the wife of Derek Carr.


Who Is The Wife Of Derek Carr?

Derek Carr is married to Heather Carr. She was born in Fresno, California, in the United States, on January 3, 1990. She and her husband have recently settled in the Las Vegas area.

Carr’s wife, is largely responsible for his positive attitude, making him one of the most honest shot callers in the sport. Heather and Derek Carr met while they were both students at Fresno State and have remained together ever since.

Who Is The Wife Of Derek Carr
Who Is The Wife Of Derek Carr

Heather Carr enjoys moderate popularity among those who follow her on social media. She promotes products, helps her husband, and posts pictures of her beautiful family frequently.

Heather Carr, who now works part-time at a trendy restaurant, used to cheer for the Fresno State Bulldogs. Whether or not she completed her degree at Fresno State before following her husband Carr into the league is unknown at this time.

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Where Did Heather And Derek Carr Meet?

Derek and Heather first met in a restaurant on the campus of Fresno State University, where they were both students. Heather was working a shift at BJ’s Brewhouse, a renowned college pub, when the quarterback walked in on her.

With the most cliche pickup line imaginable, he initiated conversation with her. You can see the official Instagram post of Heather Carr below in which the couple is celebrating 10 years of their marriage.

In an interview with ABC7, Heather reflected on the following: “I had two diamond earrings in my ears, and I knew I had both of them. He asked, Why do you only have one earring on? And it prompted me to double-check my ears. I was like, That’s your pick-up line? It did work, so I talked to him.”Ā 

When Heather heard this, she laughed out loud, and the two of them quickly began dating and eventually tied the knot in 2012.

DoĀ Heather Carr and Derek Carr Have Children?

Yes, the two of them have kids. They have four children: a daughter, Brooklyn Mae (now 21 months old), and three sons, Deakon Derek (3), Deker Luke (6), and Dallas Mason (9). You can check the Instagram post of Heather Carr below.

Heather and the kids regularly attend Las Vegas Raiders games in order to show their support for Derek Carr and maintain a positive public image. Heather also posts pictures of her kids, Carr, and herself on her social media pages quite often.

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